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Travyon Martin Drives These Racists Nuts!
White supremacists find the Trayvon Martin shooting as a recruiting tool for extremism.
LaReyna, posted a video that she found on YouTube. It was discussed yesterday about the latest controversy in the Travyon Martin shooting. A user on YouTube posted a video about his frustration with White supremacists online and their reactionary outrage to the Trayvon Martin supporters.

Newsone, a news agitating website that caters to issues of the Black community has uncovered a notorious website's view of the Trayvon Martin shooting and many are reacting to it.

Chimpout is a notorious white supremacist website and its affiliate website Chimpmania advocate open condemnation of the Black community, President Barack Obama and now Trayvon Martin.

Chimpmania is a response to infighting created by the anonymous owners of Niggermania and Chimpout.

They're a bunch of smart son-of-bitches! They're aware of the possibility of online hacking and possible federal informants online, so they established a few simple rules when join the "mania"!

The site, dedicated to human membership only site dedicated to telling the truth about niggers and to educate humans about them. Relax, enjoy and have fun while following these necessary rules.

#1 ChimpMania is for bashing: (1) niggers, (2) traitorous coal burners and oil drillers; and (3) nigger lovers— ONLY!!! There will be NO bashing of humans and/or religions allowed.
#2 Promotion of violence, threats and/or illegal acts is NOT allowed. Please report any violations of such by clicking the Report Post icon of the post.

#3 Promotion of violence, threats and/or illegal acts directed towards the HNIC, FT and/or the “first fambly” is NOT allowed and will result in an instant and permanent ban. Please note that this is also a federal felony with potential major legal consequences for the poster.
This website merges the two into a solely "nigger bashing" forum where they can openly threaten the Black community and attack President Barack Obama.

I am going to be upfront with you on this website and those who comply to this type of behavior.

Toby As A Pimp Lawn JockeyI was targeted by this website after I posted a video in regards to how YouTube advocates hate speech by allowing these type of people to create a hostile environment online with this type of nonsense.

I received death threats from these people.

I had my passwords compromised and website hacked into by some of these people.

Since I had a few public profiles, these people copied my image and posted photoshopped images of me in derogatory pictures that are considered NSFW (not safe for work).

I had tried to contact the FBI and local police. They didn't really do much because it wasn't a huge priority.

This is most frustrating part of the situation. Law enforcement couldn't do much to stop it. Although this is an open case, there's nothing much I could do other than wait for them to make a mistake.

It takes a while for them to slip. Because you know that the feds are watching these type of websites. The Department of Homeland Security and the FBI are actively recruiting informants to spot and track extremism.

There are websites that have extremist views and the U.S. Justice Department are focused on rooting out domestic and international terrorism.

The FBI told me that once you post something online, it's forever. Leaving me to wonder how much damage was done to me personally when these people used my image online.

The most important advice I was given in a case like this, was to not let the enemy know you're sweating.

Because they relish in your defeat. And if you're likely to react to it, then giving them the benefit!

In the face of strength, it's always been President Barack Obama. Even in the face of great opposition, President Obama maintains a level head. He has been the subject of death threats, slander, derogatory pictures of him, First Lady Michelle Obama and his two children.

I know he probably gets upset over the hate he gets from conservatives and even some of his strongest allies. But when you're the President of The United States, you're not the president of white people, black people or people of color, you're the president of everyone. He takes lumps but still keeps it moving!

Whether they like it or not, our president is Barack Obama. And if he's reelected, the hate will continue and it might get worse. But it's a risk I'm willing to take if we could have a better economy and a stable society.

Most overseas look at the United States as the land of opportunity. With websites that channel to those who harbor bigoted views towards race, gender, sexuality, nationality, religion, language, political and economic standings, it's more likely those overseas look upon the United States as country that is totally inferior when it comes to progress.

White supremacists are online through these website forums such as this one, Stormfront, Niggermania, Diversity is Crap, Irateirishman, National Vanguard, White News Now, Mr. Shaved Long Cock, Stuff Black People Don't Like, The Color Of Crime, New Sexon, and Podblanc. These websites cater to the most extreme elements of society. And this is not just here in the United States, but Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Russia and Germany. These people are recruiting online. They're growing in the age of Barack Obama and a browner nation.
Racist website targets Trayvon Martin
Chimpout is a notorious white supremacist website that advocates open condemnation of the Black community, President Barack Obama and Trayvon Martin.
Newone has been actively involved in the Trayvon Martin case and we here a Journal de la Reyna are as well. As this story unfolds, we're still going to speak out against the injustices that affect the Black, Hispanic/Latino communities and other people of color.

Chimpmania has dubbed Trayvon Martin as "lil' Skittles" and found many uses for the popular candy.

Many online users were celebrating the shooting and saying it's justifiable because he's a Nigger!

One of these users hacked into Trayvon Martin's Facebook and Twitter page to obtain statements in which the teenager advocated for marijuana use and typical teenager behavior.

Some of the controversial statements from these users online included a dig at Black Voices, a website that merged with the Huffington Post in 2011. Black Voices is devoted its coverage to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Obtained by Newsone
The nigger-loving libtards are going wild. Huffington-Puffington Post creates an ENTIRE SECTION dedicated to this good little jig:

My take, just another useless nigger that got what it deserved, yet the law abiding citizen has already been tried and found guilty by the filthy black masses, just because the fruit of his labor happens to be a greasy-ass koon. Just wait until the grand jury finds this hero innocent. Let the games begin!!!
Some of these users online have channeled a certain conservative agitator's word salad. This conservative agitator and his favorite website are already under fire for controversial themed issues that appeal to website like this.

The extremists within the conservative movement are strong.

But we are stronger. And we will not rest until justice is done.

The Trayvon Martin controversy has split between racial and political lines. Blacks overwhelmingly figure that the young man, George Zimmerman was reckless in his decision to follow Martin. Most Blacks figure that if Zimmerman would have listen to the 9-1-1 dispatcher to not pursue the individual, this incident could have been avoided. Zimmerman's cozy relationship with the Sanford Police also comes under fire. This controversy tarnishes the case because in my mind, the police negligence led to the massive protests.

With these massive protests, most Blacks feel that their lives are never safe even when we're in favor of community policing. Police and the Black community have a shaky relationship.

Many Black men are incarcerated more than any other race. 

The gap is growing and we must figure out solutions to prevent Blacks from being scapegoated as the problem of the country.

Let me say this again for those who continue to undermine the Black community.

How come it's always the ones who fail a making a complete sentence?

Why are they the ones complaining?

We should be complaining about how atrocious their spelling is, not their racial slurs!

You can find this article here or at the Journal de la Reyna. Visit our affiliates such as  Just One Black Man, The Respectable Negros, Christopher King and Maybe It's Just Me for more stories involving the Trayvon Martin shooting and monitoring online extremism.

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