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GOP Panders To Hispanic Voters With Novice Senator Marco Rubio

Mitt Romney has a tough decision to make. He is now likely to capture the Republican nomination for president, many conservatives are urging him to pick a running mate that inspire Republicans to vote. Will he pick U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) as his running mate?

My honest opinion on this issue can be found on Journal de la Reyna 
If pandering to the lowest forms of America isn't enough for the Republican Party, how about the notion of picking a highly polarizing Florida senator as a vice presidential nominee for the soon to be nominee Mitt Romney?

The former governor of Massachusetts is close to capturing the nomination. After the concessions of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R- Minnesota), Governor Rick Perry (R-Texas), former senator Rick Santorum, and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney has this wrapped up.

Winning many endorsements, and some key primaries, Romney has a new horizon ahead. He will shift positions to court independents and minority groups. After a bitter fought race, the Republican Party has to heal the bruising within its party. The soon to be nominee has bring together those who were disgruntled by the primaries and put to rest the nervousness of some who feel that Romney's positions will turn off many.

Some of his past statements and inconsistent positions already has a deficit in courting Hispanic voters.

President Barack Obama has a strong support among Hispanic voters.

But the main issue that's hurting the president is the struggling economy. This has proven to be a major issue among most Americans. Hispanic voters deeply care about the economy.

In my opinion, I feel this could be another desperate ploy to capture the Hispanic vote. Republicans are hoping that Mitt Romney pick potentials like New Mexico governor Susana Martinez and the U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida). The Republicans are hoping these two potential nominees are the right hand to helping to the perennial candidate Mitt Romney win the 2012 presidential election.

And with that being said, who's gotten the buzz in the news recently?

It's the freshman Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

In 2010, under the strength of the Tea Party Movement, Rubio managed to defeat Charlie Crist, the moderate Republican governor who ran as an independent and Kendrick Meek, a Democratic congressman in a three way race for the seat being vacated by a George LeMieux, a stand-in Senator for the retiring Hispanic senator Mel Martinez.

Rubio has been floated around as presidential material for some time now! Although the senator vehemently denies he'll run for president or accept the choice of being a running mate, the rumors continue to fly and it's still the talk among those in the mainstream media. 

The difficulty of picking a running mate is going to reflect on how the former governor makes tough decisions. Many feel that if Romney can appeal to the core conservative principles that stood firm with former president Ronald Reagan, the candidate will become a stronger nominee against President Obama.

The 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections proven to be a disaster for the Republicans after Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) picked his running mate, the novice Alaskan governor Sarah Palin as a ploy to peel off those borderline "Hillary/Reagan" Democrats.

Sarah Palin became a popular figure in the conservative movement. Her standings as  a mother of five, grandmother of one, her legacy as former mayor of small town, her term as a governor from the oil rich state of Alaska, plus her fiery speeches inspired many conservatives. Unfortunately she prove to be a novice when it comes to issues that were domestic and international.

Many Republicans blame the McCain campaign for choosing a running mate that wasn't prepared to handle the crisis America is facing.

With people caught up in the notion of picking a vice presidential candidate for the Republican nominee, I chose to look into some of Senator Rubio's record. For nearly one year, Rubio has been in lockstep with Republican Party as the obstruction to the agenda of President Barack Obama.

I went to the website GovTrack.US, a website that tracks the U.S. Congress activities. I happen to look at the votes and bills sponsored by the freshman senator:

S. 1925: Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2011 (On Passage of the Bill) - Ney

A key bill that prevents victims of domestic violence and gender discrimination. This bill is a key issue among women and Senator Rubio voted against it. So he doesn't support the law that protects women.

S. 365: Budget Control Act of 2011 (On Passage of the Bill) - Ney

After a bitter debate over the raising of the debt ceiling the Republicans and Democrats overwhelmingly voted for the bill's passage. President Barack Obama signed it into law. Senator Rubio was among the few Republicans and Democrats voting against the bill. This debate almost caused the United States to lose its AAA rating from Standard and Poor's International. This spurred an economic downturn during the summer. This law created a six month super committee that responsible for reasonable spending cuts in domestic and defense spending. After the Congress created another gridlock on how to reduce spending, the law required an "automatic trigger" to cut spending in all areas. Republicans are trying to avoid defense cut spending by passing bills that cut into domestic spending. President Obama threatens veto if any domestic spending cut bill is passed by Congress.

He sponsored his own bills as well. Most of the bills are still in process, but it's highly unlikely to pass in the U.S. Senate.

S. 2371: RAISE Act - An amended bill that advocates National Labor Relations Act law to permit employers to pay higher wages to employees.
S. 2043: Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012 - A bill that will prohibit contraception at religious institutions that employ workers. If this bill was to become law, it will outlaw Health & Human Services from advocating birth control mandates at institutions on religious grounds.

S. 1241: Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act - A bill that will outlaw minors from traveling to states that sponsor abortions. Many Republican governors are signing legislation to cap funding to Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics across the country. If passed by law, this will outlaw minors (without parental consent) from traveling to another state to provide an abortion.
S. 1009: REFUND Act - A bill that requires states to end government funding that was given in response to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act that was signed into law by President Barack Obama. If passed this would have allowed states to pass local legislature to cease spending and avoid federal aid to projects without spending cuts. Republican governors wanted nothing to do with federal funding for high speed rail and transportation improvements to their states. Florida's governor Rick Scott is facing strong backlash over the high speed rail rejection. Rubio supports the decision of Governor Scott and many other Republicans such as Arizona governor Jan Brewer, Texas governor Rick Perry, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker, Michigan governor Rick Snyder and Ohio governor John Kasich.

As described by GovTrack.US, Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida) is a rank-and-file Republican. His leadership role is below freshman Senator Pat Toomey (R-Pennsylvania).

 Now an endorsement from Rubio, is a trophy vote for any conservative candidate running for public office.

Many Republicans feel that a fiery speech with a whole lot of chest beating and crap throwing is the key to defeating President Barack Obama. They feel that the message Senator Rubio offering is the key to a victory.

My honest opinion of the senator is pure and simple. No. It's not going to appeal to the extremist. It's not going to appeal to Hispanic voters.


Many Republicans who are disgruntled feel that their party is pandering to "political correctness". They feel that in the age of Obama, anything about race is off the table. Bigotry of Hispanic/Latinos will make conservatives avoid picking Romney if he should choose Rubio as a running mate.  The conservative movement would never vote for a Hispanic who supports giving undocumented workers (illegal immigrants) amnesty. Senator Rubio is working on a DREAM act that is similar to Senator John McCain (R-Arizona) infamous bill.

The far right, such as militia groups, border security hawks and birthers will question every decision that Rubio makes. Already, Joseph Farrah of WorldNetDaily, a conservative news agitation website questions Rubio's citizenship. The same folks who want President Barack Obama to show his "real" birth certificate are going to treat Senator Marco Rubio the same. Militia groups and border security hawks will pressure Senator Rubio to stand up for firearm rights and building a fence that secures the United States-Mexican border. A thing that Rubio somewhat disagree with because of the inhumane practices some done to those illegally crossing the border.

Many questions should be asked about Senator Rubio, but as of right now, the senator continues to deny he's going to be the running mate should Mitt Romney ask him.

Check out his latest interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday.

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