Monday, May 14, 2012

Gadfly Candidate Ron Paul: Good Riddance!

The gadfly candidate for president, Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) is broke. And he's no longer capable to campaign in the final primary states.

Instead of throwing in the towel, he urges his cult followers to continue the fight all the way to the Republican National Convention despite him ceasing his primary stomps.

The cult refuses to acknowledge his suspending of active campaigning. They will never get it through there mentally challenged heads that the game is over.

The cult of Ron Paul is in such disarray. They don't even understand the logic of politics! They will continue to support a candidate that had no chance of winning in the first place.

Okay, cult members, there's no possibility for him to running for the nomination of the Libertarian Party. The former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson is the nominee for the Libertarian Party.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky isn't going to be the choice of vice president when perennial candidate Mitt Romney becomes the nominee. It's not worth Romney's to have conspiracy kook a breathe away from the presidency.

The Federal Reserve will be here! Today. Tomorrow. And probably by the time Ron Paul is dead and gone.

Black males aren't born criminals. Ron Paul you got it twisted. White conservative men will always provoke the Black community with inflammatory rhetoric. Talk radio, White on Black crime, stereotyping and racial insults are leading agitation among conservatives and the Black community. What causes crime between Black and White men? A White conservative male provoke a Black person with rhetoric that is considered threatening to the well-being of the person.

Ron Paul's white nationalist friends are going to have support someone! Maybe the American Third Position or the Constitutional Party?

Ron Paul is American least favorite politician. There's no doubt that!

Ron Paul has no love for the gay community! He proven that when he got ambushed by comedian Sacha Baron Cohen. The comedian took on the persona of the gay agitator Bruno.

Ron Paul thinks women are irrelevant. He would rather oppose legislation that favors women. Let's say that he's against family leave. He's supports legislation that rolls back Roe v. Wade.

Ron Paul supports the Republican Party over 90% of the time when it comes to Paul Ryan's austerity cuts. But Paul goes further. He wants to eliminate the Departments of Education, Energy, Commerce, Housing & Urban Development, and Interior. He wants to eliminate domestic spending like farm subsidies, food stamps, welfare and unemployment benefits for laid off employees.

Ron Paul has ties to extremists. He took pictures with White supremacist Derek Black and his father blogger Don, the creator of Stormfront. The white nationalist website actively donates to the campaign and Paul refuses to return the money. Paul appeared on The Political Cesspool, a radio program by James Edwards, a contributor to Stormfront.

Ron Paul has no love for immigrants. The Ron Paul newsletters, one of the many controversies that spawned through the 2012 U.S. Presidential Campaign have been released once again. Paul shares his disgust of the vermin of society.

Ron Paul has no major accomplishments either as a congressman or a presidential candidate. This is the third time he's tried to run for president. From the moment he announced he would run for president, the American people written him as the perennial gadfly.

I consider him Ron Perot. A ploy upon the Texas businessman and founder of the Reform Party, H. Ross Perot. The candidate who ran for president in 1992 and 1996. Many Republicans claim that Perot helped Bill Clinton become the President of the United States. With these running for president it has ruined President George H.W. Bush and Senator Bob Dole's campaigns and allow two successful victories for Clinton.

Ron Paul will have no impact whatsoever to Mitt Romney. Romney is aware of the disgruntled cult members. Romney may try to soothe over Paul's cult. And believe me there's chatter!

Those die-hard cult followers of Ron Paul will never get over the fact that it's over! He's retiring from Congress and this was the make-or-break moment for the campaign.

If there's any sign of treason (selling out), Paul would endorse Romney and tell his cult followers to support him.

I doubt it, but it could be a possibility that if Romney does win the presidency, he may put Paul in his administration. But I doubt it. There shouldn't be any talk of a Federal Reserve Chairman Ron Paul.

And with this being over for him, what the cult going to do now. Blame everyone but themselves?

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