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If You're Looking To Piss Off Gays, Vote For North Carolina's Amendment Banning Gay Marriage!

North Carolina votes on a controversial amendment that could prevent benefits to same sex couples. Gay marriage has become a national issue in the 2012 elections. Many Americans are favoring gay marriage. But so far, they're those who will use this as a wedge issue to pit President Barack Obama's allies against one another.

This is the North Carolina Republican Primary.

Perennial Republican candidate, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is slated to coast to victory here in the state. Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas), the perennial challenger also running for president is likely going to concede that he has no chance of beating Romney. Paul will continue his failed attempt at running for president all the way to the Republican Convention in Tampa, Florida.

One thing these two Republicans agree on. When it comes to marriage equality, they're against it. They rather define marriage between one man and one woman.

Now I am straight person who is Black.

I seen how our society has changed over the years.

You got to say that being intolerant of others isn't right!

I was once that type of person!

Nowadays, I work and associate with people of all backgrounds. And some of my friends are gay! I have become more tolerant of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered community.

I am openly endorse equal rights for the GLBT community. This country has to put aside the hateful rhetoric and unite as one people for this great country we call the United States.

This is becoming a national controversy. The state of North Carolina is about to make a referendum on marriage inequality. The state is slated to vote to ban gay marriage. A state constitutional amendment is going to have an impact on progress.

North Carolina Republican state senator Peter Brunstetter authored the Amendment 1 and called upon the voters to support it. This will end benefits for same sex partners and prevent equal protections for gay couples. This could affect straight non-married couples who seek benefits as well.

Some of the critics of this amendment acknowledged that Brunstetter's wife Jodie has stated that this gay marriage ban may have a strong support among Caucasian race. Many believe that her oft-comments could contribute to her acknowledgement that North Carolina Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment 1 Reportedly Was Written To Protect 'Caucasian Race'!

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In what is slated to be a devastating blow to the gay rights community comes from a state that helped President Barack Obama in the 2008 United States Presidential Election.

Gay rights groups are urging President Barack Obama to come out in favor of gay marriage. The president is very cautious on this issue. It's a political expediency that President Barack Obama is silent on this issue.

Right now, the Republicans and their allies in the radical Christian conservative movement are pressuring Republican nominee in waiting Mitt Romney to push a harsher agenda against gay marriage. Under pressure, Romney fired a foreign policy adviser who was openly gay. Romney once supported civil unions for gay couples. In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state in the union to acknowledge gay rights. Under watch of Romney, gay marriage became official.

Vice President Joe Biden recently spoke in a favor of gay marriage. The White House walked back some of the vice president's comments and spoke in opposition of Amendment 1. What Vice President Biden said has became an issue and yes the Republicans will seize upon this and many comments coming from the Obama campaign.

The president has tried to appeal to his core voters in the GLBT community by the legal fight against DOMA, signing laws that allow domestic partners to have benefits if they work for the government.

The president hired more administration officials that are openly gay. More than former presidents, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. But it's not enough according the GLBT community.

President Barack Obama has a strong hold on the GLBT community, but it's waning slightly.

After the passing of the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the controversial law that required military officers to disclose their sexuality, many Republicans felt that the president is trying to landmine them into debating the culture war.

Yes, the Republican Party spent a majority of their term invested in the culture war and its impact is being felt. The issues of restricting abortions, silencing women's rights, gay rights, passing voter identification laws to restrict voting rights from minorities and the poor are causing great concern among the Democratic Party.

The stripping of union bargaining rights, repealing civil rights laws and stalling economic progress is the plan of the Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement. They want to pass austerity measures to cut domestic spending in social programs such as food stamps, unemployment benefits and welfare.

There are notable activists have recently weighed in on the issue of gay marriage and made concerns toward the president and his political allies.

Lady Gaga  and Ellen DeGeneres are probably the most famous that came out in favor gay marriage.

Rachel Maddow, a controversial political analysis for the liberal-leaning network MSNBC went to bat and chided Republicans for undermining gay rights.

Republican gay activist Dan Choi, was one of the outspoken voices of the gay marriage issue. He was once a  language specialist, who was dismissed from the military. He spoke out against DADT, and warned that gay community will stay away from President Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential elections. Choi declared that he would not be afraid to vote for a Republican.

Talk radio host Stephanie Miller, a liberal activist came out in 2010, after the Tyler Clementi suicide. Miller, a comedian who is becoming a mainstream figure in talk radio has urged the GLBT community patience with President Barack Obama. Miller acknowledged that the president's political foes will use this issue as a wedge if the controversy was to spearhead towards the election.

Dan Savage, a gay political writer has been actively engaged in the fight in North Carolina. He criticized Republicans and Christian conservatives for using the Bible as a wedge issue to stop equal rights. Savage has called out Republicans for hiding in the closet when it comes to equal rights for gays.

CNN anchor Don Lemon, most notably acknowledge he was gay. In a book he written, Lemon wanted the public to know that as professional journalist his sexuality was never a question to those who worked and associated with him. He also wrote that he was molested when he was child.

Republicans are going to push forward social conservatism into the Black community. Many Black people are socially conservative on the issue of gay marriage. Blacks strongly oppose legalization of gay marriage.

More Blacks are intolerant of gay rights. It's an issue that's discussed through outlets such as rap music, websites agitators such as WorldStarHipHop, comedians such as Tracy Morgan, actors like Issiah Washington, political commentators such as Roland Martin and Black clergymen such as T.D. Jakes and Eddie Long.

The Black community refuse to acknowledge this as an issue of Civil Rights.

Americans slightly favor gay marriage.

Six states have state recognition of gay marriage.

The federal law that prevents gay marriage, Defense of Marriage Act is being challenged in court.

Gay suicide among teenagers and adults is becoming a problem. The issue also turned violent when a gay teenager brought a stun gun to an Indianapolis school to scare off bullies. Chelisa Grimes and her son,  Darnell "Dynasty" Young, were on CNN after he faced charged for being an assault weapon to school.

Being bullied at school Young felt that he had to protect himself from those who were bullying him. Now he pays the price for the ineffective school administrators who didn't prevent the bullying or him from bring the stun gun to school in the first place.

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Now once again, my honest opinion is simple. The Republican Party and its allies in the conservative movement are wrapping their asses and eventually their necks around the American flag in defense of these ridiculous culture wars. This is a real issue. There are people who determined to divide this country into groups and oppose those who want to stand out as a voice of many.

This vote in North Carolina will be a test of how Republican culture wars impact on the United States.

The state governor Bev Perdue, a Democrat who will not seek reelection has noted that the impact could hurt the brand of North Carolina. Many liberal activist are threatening a boycott of the Democratic National Convention if this amendment is to be passed.

Could the Republican Party have the power to change the narratives?

Again your guess is as good as mine.

You can read this article and others here and at Journal de la Reyna.

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